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Introvert, cat lover. Finding my voice after 20+ years of silence.

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Hi everyone! I’m April. U.S. Pacific Northwest gal.

I’ve always been the type of person who was good at a lot of things, but never great at anything — this included writing. I was a dreamer with oodles of great story ideas but zero follow-through. I’d start a story as a kid, get 10 pages done and stop. I attempted writing in my 20s, but same problem. I could never visualize the ending, and how could I write towards an ending that wasn’t there? Eventually I stopped trying.

Floating along in obscurity, my life was highlighted by a marriage in…

What happens if we are all grieving?

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Image by Stocksnap from Pixabay

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

The quote from Dr. Seuss appeared, cut out in an adorable cloud shape and taped to my mother’s monitor, a few months before she died. I didn’t appreciate the print-out until afterwards, and my husband and I joked about stealing the quote. My step-father ended up attaching it to a picture frame of my mother in the living room. We missed our chance. It’s morbidly funny how the paper with the quote ended up being one of the first items I snatched after my step-father’s death two months…

And more blessed.

Girl playing a Yamaha piano
Girl playing a Yamaha piano
Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Last night I realized I’m just like Taylor Swift, but maybe an obese, way less wealthy version of her.

If I haven’t already lost you, I’ll tell you why.

On top of both of us loving cats, I also wrote a song in elementary school. My best friend and I composed an extremely moving piece about a child whose dad did something horrible and went to prison. I don’t remember the full lyrics, but I can still hear the chorus in my head.

We didn’t complete the masterpiece. I understand we’re still waiting for my friend to finish the piano music to accompany the part we already produced. I’m sure she’ll get back to me once she’s done.


When Facebook reminders hurt.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Today would have been my mother’s 71st birthday.

A few days ago, I briefly thought about how the day was coming up. I was pleased that I wasn’t feeling emotional about it. My mother always made a huge deal about her birthday. After my father died when I was a baby, she had to make her own celebrations special because no one else was doing it for her. This progressed to her throwing herself week-long birthday parties by the time I was an adult. …

The story that shadowed my life

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Photo by vic dav on Unsplash

February 14, 1978 was a lousy Valentine’s Day

I was four months old when a drunk driver hit my father while he was riding his motorcycle home from work. They stored his motorcycle all winter, and Spring peeked her head out from her slumber for the first time on Valentine’s Day. My dad, itching to ride his bike, told my mother he was going to take it instead of the truck. She felt concerned because of the slight chill in the air, but it was 1978 and she wasn’t the type of woman to put her foot down and demand he take the truck.

Besides, he’d only have…

A love letter to two men

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Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

For the two men who I have loved

I have kissed two men in my life and married both of them. A favorite joke with my second husband is that I failed to mention that kissing me meant marriage. He doubtless would have rushed screaming for the hills if I sprung that on him when we first met.

My very first kiss wasn’t a “real” kiss.

The first husband and I staged a fake wedding the summer of junior year in high school to play a practical joke on a friend summering in Colorado.

We hadn’t started dating yet, and the faux wedding included a first-kiss photo. The…

A guide to living your worst life.

Man wearing hoodie that says anti social social club, standing in front of a car
Man wearing hoodie that says anti social social club, standing in front of a car
Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

Over the last week, I’ve grown tired of seeing so many dang self-help posts. I stopped clicking on them. I don’t need another 5 tips to find financial freedom (hint; the person posting the blog isn’t financially free and is hoping you will click so they get 1 penny closer).

I started writing blogs less than a month ago. Every advice article I read said to get the most clicks you need to give the reader something, because people are a-holes who only care for themselves. I mean, I’m down with the concept.

Whenever I read a well-written rambling post…

Legend in my own mind.

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Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

The other day I wrote a blog about obesity-related issues and got a smidgen of attention on Twitter. We’re talking 2 re-tweets and an organization asking to post part of a paragraph on their website. So in the grand scheme of things, this is small potatoes. But for a new writer, it’s pretty thrilling. Anyone wanting to read my stuff is awesome.

So while I’m riding high on my 2 retweets and savoring my success, I get a message on Twitter. Some random dude saying hello to me. I confused him for someone else and replied to him. …

Silent no longer.

Lion roaring
Lion roaring
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

My entire life, I continually run into people who talk down to me and assume I am dumb. Most of our society has an innate bias towards obese individuals. I am labeled lazy and stupid in their mind because no smart person would be this big. Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) claims 90% of U.S. adults say weight bias exists¹. The OAC marked January 12, 2021 as a special day because they launched their public awareness campaign titled “Stop Weight Bias.”

While I support this endeavor and would like to live a world with no bias, I am not counting my…

April Callaway

Writer/Reader/Cat lover. I live in the US Pacific Northwest. Currently editing my first YA romance.

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